Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nothing...Can Be Everything

Perhaps you've heard that old adage, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained"? Well, that adage doesn't always apply. In fact, if you live in a multi-tasking culture as I do, you should have already seen huge gain for all the venturing you've done.

Don't see it, huh?

Despite all the hoopla about constantly striving, achieving, pushing forward, etc., I can show you there are specific instances when doing nothing provides enormous benefits. In fact, if you embrace doing nothing at the appropriate times, you can elevate it to a fine art in your life. People will admire and celebrate you. They will want to know how to do what you do. Never again will you feel a twinge of embarrassment in that moment someone asks you what you're doing and your response is..."Nothing."

I will add this one caveat. Despite what I say, some of you will insist on doing something. I understand this is a deeply ingrained, culturally supported habit. It will take more willpower on your part to stop. You will have to make multiple attempts to make this work -- far more than others. However, don't stop trying. There is hope for you, too. You'll need some community support through the transition. So, if I don't forget it, I'll add a link at the end that will take you to the homepage of the DNA -- Doing Nothing Anonymous. Your local DNA can assist you.

The benefits of doing nothing are:

  • Stress Relief. The next time your employer accuses you of substandard production and wants to know why projects haven't been completed according to the ridiculously impossible company standard, tell him (or her) that both your cardiologist and your DNA have recommended you do nothing. The stress caused by trying to meet unrealistic deadlines initates a racing pulse and socially unacceptable behavior. Share a suggestion with your supervisor that he/she do nothing also, instead of straining to begin a disciplinary process.
  • Creative Development. Scientific research has proven that people who do nothing often daydream. Their creative juices flow freely. They originate far more innovative methods of solving problems than people who are constantly in the "rat race." (This comes in very handy in case your former supervisor chose to ignore your admonition to do nothing. Your DNA will find a way to help you pay for those little necessities -- like eating regularly.)
  • Expanded Social Circles. You'll begin to meet new people and travel to places you've never been before -- like the unemployment office, social services and homeless shelters. It's always good to expand your personal perspective on life by getting to know others outside your usual comfort zone. Remember: you're gathering experiences that increase intellectual development, as well.
  • Professional Success. Once you've become proficient at doing nothing, you can "take your show on the road." Write a book, create a blog or website, do professional speaking and secure a brief on-camera interview on Oprah. All the people you encountered through the previous stages will not only buy your book, they'll claim they know you personally and will dig through their previous documents that bear your signature as proof. You'll know you've arrived at a high level of success when your signed food stamp application is being auctioned off on Ebay.
Global recession?! What recession?

Repeat this mantra several times daily. I guarantee you'll find yourself well on the way to doing nothing successfully. Ready? Doing nothing is...

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