Friday, July 17, 2009

The Economy Mantra

Let's Get this straight. The economy is bad and has been bad for the past couple of years at least. It's going to take time to get it turned around. But let's not allow this economic quagmire to keep us from living.

Times are tight, but we still need to breath, eat, make love, laugh, recreate rather than spending time crying.

Now before anyone accuses me of being out of touch or delusional, here is some quick background.

Before the down turned economy came into vogue, back in 2006, I was laid off from my job. If that wasn't enough, nearly a year after being laid off, my house was foreclosed on. Then if that wasn't enough, health problems I had gotten under control 15 years ago, had resurfaced. So if you're keeping score at home - lost job, lost home had health problems.

Thank God my wife still had her job and health care. But we had to stay with friends for a couple of months until we found another place to stay. Also thank God for my father who helped financially. Prior to getting sick, thank God for the part-time security job that I loathed, but helped tied us over.

All this happened long before the bottom dropped out in the economy. What made it worse, is we didn't have the daily economic media coverage or peer group to share in our pain. In fact, many people couldn't relate to our situation at the time. So we mostly kept it to ourselves.

Fast forward to 2009. We've been in our townhouse for nearly two years. I haven't found another job, but I am able to collect disability due to my health condition - which has at least stabilized. Throughout the whole ordeal our two youngest sons didn't skip a beat, maintained good grades in school and continued with extracurricular activities - even the ones that cost money. Our oldest son, who is grown is trying to make his way in the world and lives with another relative. We are no doubt blessed to have weathered the storm and now have a testimony.

My long winded point is, throughout all these trials, yes we got frustrated, but rarely discouraged. We kept the faith. It was difficult at times, but we maintained our sense of humor. We tried our best to maintain the normal routine, sans a few changes. Sure my wife and I haven't been able to go on another cruise just yet, or take the family vacation to Orlando. But we're here.

No question we're still working at it and not where we want to be financially, but the economy is no longer our mantra as a reason for not doing something. I encourage all to try and avoid this as well - be positive, no matter how bleak the situation may appear. If your a person of faith, lean on that to help get you through. Also lean on your immediate family and don't be afraid to tell your friends and others what's going on in your life. If you don't talk, chances are you may miss an opportunity for someone to help you.

I understand some will disappoint or just ignore your plight. But just keep rolling on anyway.

Not matter how low your financial situation sinks, still take the opportunity to offer a helping hand to someone else, it will help someone and also make you feel good in the process.

People lived through the dust bowl, the Great Depression, we can survive and overcome this current economic downturn. That's what I believe.

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