Monday, July 28, 2008

On the bright side

Hello family! I am on the library computer! I hope all is well! One of the great things about being unemployed is the amount of time you have.....nothing but TIME! I have been making the effort to make as productive use of the precious commodity (time) as possible. I have been reading! Yes reading! I decided to share my reading list with you. These are the titles of the books I have completed as well as the ones I am in the process of completing.

  • boogaloo- the quintessence of american popular music by Arthur Kempton

  • Motown-Music,Money,Sex and Power by Gerald Posner

  • Sellout-by Randall Kennedy

  • SuperCapitalism-by Robert Reich

  • Authentically Black-by John McWhorter

  • Learned Optimism-by Dr. Martin Seligman

  • The End of Work-by Jeremy Rifkin

  • Black Rednecks White Liberals-by Thomas Sowell

  • Winning The Race-by John McWhorter

  • A Love Supreme-by Ashley Kahn

I have expanded my horizons, I have stretched my mind, I am enriched by the experience. I am also troubled that I have read about ten books since the beginning of July. This means I certainly need to get out more often. I am also now enrolled in school. I will be going back in August, I will be looking forward to this. I am on a library computer so somehow I don't feel as relaxed to really write what I want and the way I want. I would however like for any one who may have read any of the titles I have mentioned to send me your comments/opinions regarding any of these books. 'Till next time.

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